Why are we a Privately Billing Practice?

It’s all about value.

We are not a bulk billing practice. There are plenty of those. One on every corner.

We are an exceptional practice. One that prides itself on providing exceptional care from the moment a patient rings, during their time with the Doctor or Nurse to the moment they leave us. Those types of practices are very very rare.

And this is our goal. To provide exceptional care. Every. Single. Time. To have patients that become part of our Broadbeach Family, and are looked after as though they ARE family. To have staff that are happy and fulfilled and to improve the physical and mental health of everyone that chooses to come with us on that journey.

We are completely invested in you and your visit. Every time. We respect that you have taken the time to come to us, and to trust us with your health and we will strive to do an exceptional job. Every time. And we know that you as patients place value on the visit.Your health is important to you, and that choosing an amazing practice is important to you.

Thank you for choosing us to look after you. We are completely invested in giving you exceptional care and we are delighted you have made a commitment to prioritise your health. Here we go!


The doctors at Broadbeach Family Practice pride themselves on delivering comprehensive medical care for the entire family. We cover all aspects of health for patients and their families and always maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.


Broadbeach Family Practice is an accredited general practice with its standards of medical care approved by Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL).

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